An educator by profession. Organised professional with proven teaching, guidance and counselling skills. I have been teaching since 15 years in the International curriculum and closely associated with the Primary age group of children. I work for a reputed International School in Gurgaon.  I have always been gravitated to write about children and issues pertaining to them since the time I had my own child. I have done my double Masters- English and Human Rights.

What else could be a better platform than social media to advocate your ideas and perspective. I have always believed in the fact that you keep doing this with enough passion, purpose and focus and you will become “that” expert on your chosen topic if you persist. And my chosen topic is always ‘children’. In today’s time self-expression has become the  new entertainment and would want to explore new possibilities to be a part of the new entertainment . Being a social animal I also love to connect with like-minded people and catch up for a coffee or attend similar events and gigs. What a great way to meet your tribe who love your writing as much as you do!

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