I would like you to meet Vidhya Thiagarajan, Founder and Principal Photographer at Butterscotch Creations LLP, who at 42, still finds it tough to convince people that a lone female photographer can take care of herself and all will be well especially, during outdoor shoots.

Vidhya, started out as a travel / landscape photographer. Her slow and steady evolution as a professional photographer involved shooting with a Motorola camera phone and capturing an F1 race on a Canon point and shoot camera. She took to photography more seriously and passionately when her husband gifted her with a DSLR.

She hesitated venturing into commercial photography as she did not want to lose the creative freedom. Only when she was convinced that she could offer something unique to discerning clients, did she set up Butterscotch Creations in 2015. Since then, in her words, “there has never been a dull moment.”

Having honed her photography skills for almost a decade now; I asked Vidhya to share 10 lessons she has learned that would be useful to all those keen on getting started as professional photographers. These are not technical tips; but are equally important as you set out on your journey:

1. Take time to shoot for yourself, your own projects / trips / assignments in order to help maintain a balance in your artistic life.

2. Don’t stop until you get the shot that YOU want during any project.

3. Shoot your subjects YOUR way.

4. Consider social media as a tool to take your work to the world but never get too attached to people’s reactions.

5.Try to differentiate yourself. The world of photography is too crowded now.

6. Do not play into the gender divide; assess and acknowledge your strengths and limitations “matter-of-factly” and work around them.

7. Be empathetic towards your clients. Remember they are going to treasure the moments forever.

8. As a woman photographer be mindful of your safety and stay alert as you travel alone.

9. Constantly work on evolving as an artist.

10. Dream big and high and believe that your dreams can and will come true!

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