Ever since she discovered Psychology, Janet was fascinated with the subject. Her desire to transform lives led her to pursue the subject even more and from the tender age of 14 she dreamed of becoming a counsellor, to help people live more fulfilled lives. Life however took a different turn after graduation and due to personal circumstances she joined a corporate job. Twelve years down the road Janet became a subject matter expert in Process and Strategy. Her heart however

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Small pleasures, meaningful work, interesting people, simple vegetarian food, sun on her skin and a beautiful life makes her bow down in gratitude each day. Meet our fabulous #WonderWomenWriter Preeti S Manaktala who bid adieu to her corporate life in the Insurance sector after graduating into motherhood so as to insure full love coverage for her own little beings. A trained Montessorian teacher with a dream of opening a school which would comfort and nurture young minds. A mother who is bent on creating

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Rachana Gupta is a Happiness Coach & Author of ‘Happiness ki Khoj’. She is the Co-Founder of Cinnamon Ayurveda, a healthcare company with a mission to provide freedom from Diabetes, Joint Pain, Asthma & Cardiac related lifestyle disorders to 3 billion people globally. Rachana quit her thriving 16 year corporate career with Fortune 500 company to pursue her passion of enabling people to lead healthy & happy lives. She is committed to empowering women to take charge of their health and enabling

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