Jagriti Mahajan is a graduate in psychology and is currently studying law. She runs her own NGO called “The Rainbow Cause” a non profit organization which she describes an “army of happy unicorns spreading happiness and love like it’s common cold”. Through this organization Jagriti aims to bring smiles on everyone’s faces – no matter where they come from or what they are going through because she believes no matter what the social status of a person is, everyone has something that is lacking in their life, for some it might be money and for some it is mental peace.

She has a keen interest in dogs and admits, “I’d choose animals over humans any day”. Apart from this Jagriti has been working on her own blog called Calories and Memories which technically is a food blog but she also makes sure to motivate her followers about seeing the good side of struggles and downfalls. With a diploma in creative writing, Jagriti has a knack for writing short stories especially based on the lives of animals. She says, “I am simple person who wants to help others in creating happiness.”

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